Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Here's another blog on the issue of organ donation in China. Had an educational conversation with another blogger, so much so I'd recommend it over the my own POS blog:

(Update: For those who comment without reading the post - we were talking about the British Transplant Society article were the concern of organ donation consent was raised.)

I think it is fair to say this issue is not only debatable, the Chinese are debating it - as the below search results show a range of opinions. To me this really demonstrates that China's problems isn't all that black and white. China too have their dilemmas and choices, and their own history to evaluate (and overcome).

In contrast, to condemn China with emotionally satisfying conclusion only serves ones ego, I submit.

Here's a quote from one of the 2005 article stating the danger for potential abuse in current system:


Do you think the Chinese people came to this conclusion on their own, or they came to this conclusion because Epoch Times NY made up "Auschwitz" story to smear Hu Jintao (who just happens to be visiting US this week)?

Or even because of BTS' "not necessarily with consent" concern?

I would tend to think the current generation of Chinese already have human rights as one of their cultural values.

The Chinese people should be very proud, as they have come a long way


Blogger Truth It Is said...

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Blogger bobby fletcher said...

You obviousely didn't read the post, we were talking about the BTS article.

And this article didn't mention "Sujiatun" or "Auschwitz"

What ever happened to Epoch Times NY's outlandish claim?

Wait, US State Dept discredited it already.

But you knew that, didn't you Mr. Shadow?

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